2 PETER‬ ‭1:20‬‬‬

“Above all, you must realize that no prophecy in Scripture ever came from the prophet’s own understanding,”

2 Peter‬ ‭1:20‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Where does the scripture come from, that Peter would have such tenacity towards its claims? Peter’s high regard for scripture is a blueprint for what our regard for scripture should be as well. Many today view scripture as a sacred text by men who were touched by God, but this is not Peter’s understanding. He clearly viewed Scripture as a holy text that was written by God. The difference is nuanced and subtle but has massive implications. As Peter explored the meaning of his three year encounter with Jesus, he came to the realization that Jesus was foretold by a God who purposefully crafted it so we could recognize him on arrival. All the promises and blessings that Jesus brought weren’t the effect of his presence, they were the intention of his presence. This knowledge drastically shaped the ability for the disciples to lean upon Scripture and use it as a proper foundation for the fledgling church. Jesus wasn’t just a message about God, he was a love letter to us from God.

Published by Josh McGary

MY NAME IS JOSH MCGARY. First, I am a Pastor of a small church in Portland, Oregon named Aletheia Bible Fellowship. We call it ABF. I have been a pastor there for the better part of 20 years. I am very eclectic. What I love, I love loudly and immersively. I have notable collections of toys, funko pops, and vinyl. I also infamously love pop culture, comic books, technology, the arts, psychology and philosophy. https://sleek.bio/joshmcgary

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