Josh McGary

Music I make just for me and God. These songs tend to be worshipful and introverted.

The Theory Of

My music playground with my cousin. Together we regularly experiment with whatever seems interesting.

Rather Than Dream

My first band from the ’00’s. Here I learned how to write music and find my voice.

Feast With Ravens

This is the house band of my church. Together we write special music and worship music to be used in our congregation.


As a pastor since 2004, I’ve logged many hours in front of a microphone speaking about God’s word to my church in Portland. Check out the link above to here them.


Truth Time
with Pastor Monte

A podcast about Christian life from a multi-generational pastoral perspective.

Culture in Sanity

A podcast about pop culture.

Cross Examination

A panel discussion dealing with theological issues.

The Upper Story

A podcast where young people talk with church staff about their thoughts on Christian living.