JOB 20-31

Job 20 and 21

For all that Job had… Why God said to consider him was that his connection to God was strong. His friends had not been considering that Job didn’t value what he had. They accused him based on their belief in an ancient form of the Prosperity Gospel… But Job at least knew better than that nonsense. Still… He does know that what’s happening doesn’t seem to make sense… That he feels the weight of being the pawn that he is and he is rightfully unsettled and questioning God’s plans. This shows us it’s okay to speak with God truthfully as long as we remember whom we are speaking to. It’s okay to say we are confused and hurt as long as we don’t accuse God of malice. Jesus gives us God’s answers to these questions in plain language through his life, deeds, and his suffering.

Job 22 and 23

Eliphaz is a bully. He is stupid for Jesus. He needs a theology check. The main thing I like here is Job’s steadfastness that God is reasonable and fair… And that Job is neither equipped nor qualified to judge what that means. It’s a simple premise but “fearing” God or being humble about who you are vs who he is is what Proverbs says is the beginning to all wisdom and that is why Job knows better than Eliphaz… Eliphaz praises God with his lips… But he thinks of God as a machine that can be controlled by doing what is right… Job knows better than to think he understands what is right.

Job 27 and 28

Fear of the Lord is wisdom. This causes us to be able to discern lies from truth and to be able to be steadfast when everything around us is burning. Knowing who God is and specifically, the difference between him and us (his creation) always puts us in the place we need to be. It is here that job… Though not understanding what is happening to him can make that wise and confident statement… My lips will speak no evil against God.

Job 29-30

A lot of good they are to me— those worn-out wretches! For God has cut my bowstring. He has humbled me, so they have thrown off all restraint.

Job 30:2‭

job recognizes here that God was being kind to him and not those people and their praises. I wonder if he knew that before this. It is good to be loved… But it is transitory and fleeting. It is better to be true. Job seems like a really interesting dude. I especially like how he claims his harp only plays sad music. My man.

Job 31

It’s interesting how much jobs attitude mirrors Jesus’ teachings on how we should be. It also reminds me of Micah 6:8.

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