Theologically speaking, one of the primary purposes of the marriage relationship, for a Christian, is toward creating a new biological community that is subservient to the infinite community of the Godhead. It is a sober task wherein two individuals either make a choice to create a new rebel unit, that joins the ranks opened to man in Eden by Satan or falls in line with God’s intended order. Deciding such orientation and identity about the marriage relationship will ultimately determine its success and legacy before God. This new biological community will either stand for God and become a blessing to the relationships it engages in or it will become a toxic enemy in the moral duty of marriage to give tangible rhyme and reason to the polity of God in his trinitarian union. It may be rightfully said that although who we marry is important, why we marry is possibly of greater concern. After all, if two marry for the same reason but are unequally equipped to their goals, one can carry the other. But if two marry for different reasons but with equal strength, their goals will forever be on hold as one waits for the other to be strong enough to be dragged through life. Marriage to a weaker partner may be like swimming with a child. It may take time but calm, skill and practice will create strength and ability. But marriage without like mindset is like partnering to a boulder in the ocean. You either let go of it or drown because of it.