There are those who walk in darkness,

And there are those who let them.

Men who are either to lazy, or blind;

Themselves leading the blind into death.

There are guardians who walk among us;

Protection for a reality not clay,

From demons who know it.

Demons who malevolently wait to give a hopeless man a knife.

To take his own life

And allow the water of life to spill from his earthen vessel.

Can you see the face of death standing over you.

His scythe raping your life?

Don’t you hear the sound of silence?

Even a child can hear the thunder;

The wings of the Dragon.

Or has the angel… you in his grasp.

Is the asp at your throat?

Can you smell the ripe vine?

Carpe Diem.

Eat the fruit.

Uproot the Tree of Life,

Take the knife

Let the blood flow and the skin peel,

Just to know how it feels.

How can you bear to join the strife?

Did I bring you here?

Was I blind and leading you there?

Did I assist in helping you resist?

Did I hand you the knife?

The angel is laughing.

The guardians are crying,

And you are gone.

A waste of life.