Blindness is the right I choose

I hide my eyes in an elaborate ruse

And claim that the devil made me do it.

I rationalize an obvious plight

Trying to fight the power without the power to fight

Undermining rationale in demented perversion.

Peace of mind needs a mental conversion

I’m hopeless and helpless and I deserve pity

But don’t try to give it… don’t care about my eternity.

After all it’s mine.

It’s something I can claim for my own.

Not something handed to me from a prince on a throne

And in time I’ll claim whatever prize is waiting for me

And whatever it is I really don’t see

The point in caring

To be so presumptuous

To be so daring

To first presume and then consume

Your truth.

I don’t deserve it

I don’t need it

I don’t need you.