How dare you claim you know the way.

You boast, and brag… you lead astray.

Confidently you point at night

And claim like a fool to see the light.

But ambiance is not the source.

Your just a reflection,

A deception.

You don’t care how people think

Over the edge or on the brink

Burning in hell or dying on earth,

You don’t care…

Life has no worth.

Your only value is yourself.

Your gains are kept in material wealth.

Every Sunday you play church and you pretend to care….

The clock on the wall is really worth stare

While you sit on your pews

Let the air pass through your brains.

Maybe for a while the ghost convicts you to be on fire,

And so you aspire for a week or two

To get the job done

Then you retire.

You hypocrite!

You spirit griever!

You say your HIM, yet you are not.

You claim to be the light,

And expose your own blight.

You think your invincible,

You’ll never rot.

You have no idea…

You’ve lost the plot.

Be still and know the truth

The spirit is not mocked

You who would deny him at the third crow