Have you ever known someone who deserved what they got, but not the way they got it? In my line of work, I know many people who get the shaft for the right reason but the wrong way and i often wonder to myself, “who are these vigilantes who parade around handing out justice like they have the right to?”

In my world, the only person who has the right to hand out a sentence on another person is one who has put in the time and effort to live the life they claim to represent. I mean lets be honest… a crack addict, dead beat whore of a mother doesn’t have the right to give her daughter parenting advice… save the apology, and occasional plea. But when that crack addict decides to attack the character of her drug fueled child and then questions the sanctity of the child’s self worth… i have to ask myself only one simple question… a question which takes an energy out of me that is better directed toward a solution than anger. That question is quite succinctly… “who the fuck are you?” I fail to understand why people who enable terrible actions and dependencies steeped rich in the foul stench of maladjusted residuals see the need to comment on the very lives that they at best have perpetuated by their tepid interactions with their “friends,” or “family” and at worst have literally fostered in some sort of deep corrupted information… can any geeks out there say “cyclic redundancy?”

If someone is your friend, that is there responsibility. It is not a title to hold for someone you are hoping to get something back from. Friendship is not a fucking loan… and you are not a loan shark… wading in the seedy underbelly of the urban ocean… waiting to poach the next person who can’t repay your “friendship.” Friends are people who choose you. They don’t choose you cause its convenient, fun, or they get something from it. They choose you because you are you. Yes, I said it. In that totally cliche “like like” tonality… a friend chooses you cause you are uniquely you and no one else and that makes you valuable and something to keep around… to appreciate, to be inspired by, to cherish. A good friendship is only mutual in that it always has at least two partners with an understanding… but the same is true of business transactions, and any number of normal and podantically uninteresting interactions. Friendship is not just interaction… Real friendship is also active rather passive. Friendship is motion given to relationship, couched in the excitment and glory of meeting a person who makes sense to you on some sometimes unexplainable plain of existence.

That friend that says that you’re all that one minute, and the next minute forgets who they’re talking too… they don’t really get it. And the moment that chemistry that drew you together becomes the thing that drives you apart… best recognize… they don’t know you, they never did. At that point, the only thing left with to process the insults at your character being shot your way, is the character of the person attacking you… not the chemistry. Apparently that particular bond wasn’t so covalent. And it doesn’t really matter if the other person is dead on… because what they say might be right… but how they say it screams a sad truth… you were never as good of friends as you thought you were. They had “other” intentions.

People deserve more than that. Our real friends deserve more than our forgetfullness and senile ranting, as if we somehow betrayed Jesus Christ himself… even if we did. People should treat their friends as something precious. We all should treat each other better, anything less is an annoying top 40 hit… A dj who doesn’t respect the essence of the song quite often kills it.

Published by Josh McGary

MY NAME IS JOSH MCGARY. First, I am a Pastor of a small church in Portland, Oregon named Aletheia Bible Fellowship. We call it ABF. I have been a pastor there for the better part of 20 years. I am very eclectic. What I love, I love loudly and immersively. I have notable collections of toys, funko pops, and vinyl. I also infamously love pop culture, comic books, technology, the arts, psychology and philosophy. https://sleek.bio/joshmcgary

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