HAGGAI‬ ‭2‬:‭10‬-‭13‬ ‭‬‬

“On December 18 of the second year of King Darius’s reign, the Lord sent this message to the prophet Haggai: “This is what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies says. Ask the priests this question about the law: ‘If one of you is carrying some meat from a holy sacrifice in his robes and his robeContinue reading “HAGGAI‬ ‭2‬:‭10‬-‭13‬ ‭‬‬”

2 TIMOTHY‬ ‭2:19‬ ‭‬‬

“But God’s truth stands firm like a foundation stone with this inscription: “The Lord knows those who are his,” and “All who belong to the Lord must turn away from evil.””‭‭ 2 Timothy‬ ‭2:19‬ ‭NLT‬‬ The temptation since Eden has been to turn away from God’s truth in favor of our own understanding. To sayContinue reading “2 TIMOTHY‬ ‭2:19‬ ‭‬‬”

GALATIANS‬ ‭2:15-21‬‬‬

“You and I are Jews by birth, not ‘sinners’ like the Gentiles. Yet we know that a person is made right with God by faith in Jesus Christ, not by obeying the law. And we have believed in Christ Jesus, so that we might be made right with God because of our faith in Christ,Continue reading “GALATIANS‬ ‭2:15-21‬‬‬”