The voice resoundspounding the earthtrodden by men and monster,the grass leans to it, the trees bow to it,the concerns of every heart foster the still small voice of a God who is there.But in the black of blindness we forget the callthe whisper of volumes covering the earthfinding our every hiding placeoffering comfortappalled at the [...]


she looked my wayjust like the othersit was the first time that we met.I caught her eyebut for a momentit was life lived in a blurI can’t say how her look revealed me I can’t process all that was saidbut from the short time that I knew herI was forever in her debt.She was complex [...]


been waiting a long time for the sunrise.been waiting a lifetime for a glance in your eyes.hoping and prayingwondering and waitingto see if I meet you tonight.I’ve looked in the mirror to see if you’re theresaw a reflection so cold,so raw,so bare.Looked on the insidethe outside and what lies between, but you weren’t there.


How long can I remain in stagnant inconclusionBefore I create unwanted absolutionAnd end the beauty of intelligent design.Can I continue to deny bothThe flow of the sea and the courseOf the wind in foolishPretense of wisdom?If knowledge is left calm for comforts sake,Then is wisdom not forsaken for the sake of calm?And all this is [...]


Why do I care?Why torture Myself with an inverted stare?Is plunging into insanity really worth a glimpse at the depths of my mind?Should I consumeMy life with constantly steppingOver chardsAnd scrapsAnd bits of glass?Can I really be the tie that binds? Is my attempt in futility;A practice which can never achieve fluidity?Only frustration fills all [...]


Will nothing I do ever be enough for anyone?Have I created a standard with a price so high that it cannot be completed?Can no one repeat that which is honorable for the sake of honor?Must I always be the arbiter:the lamb for the slaughter?Do you need me to be your staff along the less traveled [...]


Words can not comprehendOr extend the relevance of feeling.The ability to relate to irrational thoughtProvokes the mind to invoke it’s spirit into flight.Summoning the night to bow down to morning glory.Feeling is the path which the wind inspires.Moving a wooden leviathan across a sea of life…For the rudder cannot guide the ship without the explosive [...]


The power of conclusion is masked in the smallest member of its body.Its outcome is the path chosen least for it is a force foreign in a troublesome sea.A stranger thrust into a sea of dissolution,Its surface mauled by false conclusions.It stands strong in the wake of itself,The firm foundation of momentum.Madness is revealed as [...]