MEANT TO SEEMusic & Lyrics by Josh McGary GWhat did the earth do when no one could find youCLaid in a mountainside, a curtain of stone gave rise to your tombGWholly dissatisfied she shook with abandon,Cas we had you vilified, always vying for our crown we abandoned you. CHORUS GAnd as you were laid toContinue reading “MEANT TO SEE / JM”


LIFE AGAINMusic & Lyrics by Josh McGary VERSE 1emits dark outsidegAnd night is longC Dand desperate tongues aboundEMmy hope is wroughtGMy shield has fallenC DThe weight has dragged me downCBut you o Lord have notGAbandoned your own shelterCYou oh lord have notD GReleased me to these daysC DYou oh lord are calm no matter allContinue reading “LIFE AGAIN / JM”