SYNOPSIS Joker is, at its heart, a movie about awakening. Proverbial loser, Arthur Fleck, finds himself gradually coming into a new type of sanity as the delusions of his world unravel before him and he becomes the infamous Joker. SPOILER ALERT THEMES Freedom is destruction From the beginning of Joker, we see Arthur as a [...]


As a person in the 21st Century, we have more methods of consuming art than ever before. Everywhere we turn is a screen ready to deliver all sorts of useful knowledge to us instantly. The low cost of entry to information allows inputs of every type into our brains, but ironically, we are not a [...]


DISCLAIMER Bohemian Rhapsody is based on a true story, but there are many details which are not accurate. To that end, I have chosen to write on the movie as if its presentations are true. The points below are written as if the movie is accurate. I am a Queen fan. I’m not sure that [...]


SYNOPSIS The Hate U Give is a movie about a young girl named Starr who lives between two worlds. The first world is in the afro-centric Garden Heights where she lives with her family. Here she participates in a stereotypical, media portrayed “black experience.” In this life, she has witnessed many things at a young [...]


Have you ever seen the downfall of civilization as you know it? I'm pretty sure I just did. Or perhaps at least a benchmark/watershed moment as another one of society's young stars makes a movie about crap. When I say about crap, that would first have to imply that the movie was about something in [...]


TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2009 In every generation there are defining methods of storytelling which encompass the whole human experience. Some are episodic and show the event based nature of life, with each moment having their own designs, follies, and triumphs... generally accompanied by a laugh track. Others however dare to push the envelope of the [...]


WEDNESDAY, JULY 1, 2009 Robots in disguise? Where is this familiar auto tuned statement within the soundtrack for Transformers? I mean seriously... you would think Lil' Wayne, or even Cher would've taken time from their auto tuned ways to brave the familiar slogan of the iconic cartoon... How about at least, "More than meets the [...]


SATURDAY, JULY 4, 2009 The Lost World (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, not Michael Crichton) meets Land of the Lost (Will Ferrel not Spencer Mulligan) meets Captain Jack Sparrow in weasel form played with expertise by the new Enterprise's Scotty, Simon Pegg. This movie was funny, funny once you switch off the part of your brain [...]


Isabelle Furhman is truly inspiring in the way she coyly captures the hopes and the fears of a struggling family in Orphan. The dark mood of the film, is reminiscent of the style of Verbinski, who's lesser known works centered around the tale of dark haired little girl named Samara, rather than Jack Sparrow. The [...]