Your eyes are pools of reflection;

So deep that there end has no fathom.

The blue hue of their fire presumes

Nothing and consumes all,

Leaving me fulfilled and wanting

To touch their end and their beginning.

To find all that is you.

They envelope my soul with

Aspirations unattainable

And give haven to my thoughts;

Though scarcely a second has passed.


Blindness is the right I choose

I hide my eyes in an elaborate ruse

And claim that the devil made me do it.

I rationalize an obvious plight

Trying to fight the power without the power to fight

Undermining rationale in demented perversion.

Peace of mind needs a mental conversion

I’m hopeless and helpless and I deserve pity

But don’t try to give it… don’t care about my eternity.

After all it’s mine.

It’s something I can claim for my own.

Not something handed to me from a prince on a throne

And in time I’ll claim whatever prize is waiting for me

And whatever it is I really don’t see

The point in caring

To be so presumptuous

To be so daring

To first presume and then consume

Your truth.

I don’t deserve it

I don’t need it

I don’t need you.


You toss me to and fro in the storm of your wrath.

Your path leaves no lack of tension

On this earthen vessel

And I struggle to bind every sail fast

As I tread these

Black Waters.

For what am I that

The winds should show mercy,

For my demands cry foolishness

My wisdom is simpleness

not worthy of a royal ear.

Yet I fear my destruction

For every obstruction along

My trek carries me closer to the

Worlds end.


You grieve my heart.

You abuse me in selfish contempt of wisdom.

You use me in spiteful disrespect

of my willingness to give up all that is

And neglect me.

You have thrown away true love for ignorant bliss.

This I forgive.

For you do not know.


I will conform.

I will submit to your will.

No feeling will dictate

My actions.

No thoughts will lead

My feelings

Without your consent.

I cry before you and descend

Broken on my knees by the weight of truth and so I plead

That the only one who can lead me

Be merciful to

An old and naked man.


I pray that peace surpassing all…

Will comfort your soul.

That your spirit will be whole

Though your body wails.

I pray that love consumes every fiber of your being,

That relentless tears will free you from their hold.

That they would release you.

I pray that faith relieves your fears of future

Trials, that all denial be appeased.

I pray that the scales that blind you will fall…

Seeing what you have been told…

That it might be clear.

I pray that you find love and it holds you near.