with contributions by Monte McGary II Introduction Salvation is one of the most debated concepts of Christian theology.  Within the institutionalized organized churches of the Protestant movement, and the Church of Rome, the idea of Salvation has evolved into a doctrine of infinitely intricate explanations.  These explanations have massive ramifications for our view on so [...]


ANOTHER SECOND LOST SOPHIA Vapid. The hallway was filled with students of varying stations in life with every veritable food group represented in rare form, and the smells careening about the hallways whisked a putrid concoction of teen spirit and cafeteria food into a heavy invisible mist welcoming all who would enter the halls of [...]


It is the dream that first inspired the waking world.It is a reality which is veiled hidden by the confines of a dimensional barrier… a wall that holds in the potential of all who would express it. Life is a fight through the endless limitations of physicality and time… and death is the only reality.  [...]


Forget what you know. Garlic, stakes, sunlight, even beheading. None of them work. The only thing that works against the undead is faith. I don’t mean a cross held up to the face of a dead man with fangs… Although certainly, if you believed it enough, you might convince them enough of it that it [...]


WEAPON Wendy mayer stood blankly in  front of the movie store… an add for a new classics collection was playing on the large flat screened television hanging from the ceiling of the store… beckoning all shoppers to come inside and catch a glimpse of the magic of Hollywood… perhaps even buy a little… take it [...]


We are the freaks. We know something is wrong with the world and we refuse to sit idly by and watch it slip into oblivion taking with it humanity and the things that we hold most dear; the things that we love. Nature calls to us that life is about survival of the fittest and [...]